The Diary

The Blue Moon Online System

		There once was a little girl.  She had a grand adventure.  
		In 1901 she went to the Pan American Exposition in
		Buffalo.  This is her story.
		Unfortunately we don't know her name, her age, or any
		personal details about her life. The cover of this 
		remarkable  document was lost through the years.  All we 
		know is that she very carefully recorded her trip in
		minute detail.  We have tried to reproduce her writings exactly, 
		including her spelling and grammer errors.  We hope you
		enjoy it as much as we have.  The first page was missing, so we
		start with page two. Click here to see what the actual diary looks like.
		Her narrative picks up on page four.  

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                The Diary was provided by Edward S. Diak. 
		It came down through his Mother-in-Law's family (Lucille
                Dahle  or maiden name Ritz).  They lived in either Penn or
		Ohio. If anyone knows anything else about this little 
		girl, let us know.

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